Inertial measurement technology. Obtains speed, power, torque from a single sensor.



Can be applied in chassis dynos. Power is not a limitation. We can measure bikes, kart, ATV, cars, trucks, 2WD and AWD.



Flywheel engine dynos are also supported. From very low rotation speeds to tens of thousands rpms.


Accudyno GO data acquisition system is the ideal product to handle the measurements and calculations in inertial test benches for bike engines, quads, karts, etc. You can use it in both engine dynos or chassis dynos.


All the information obtained by the data acquisition module is displayed in a Windows software. You can view all data in real time or in a report with max values and averages. The corresponding power and torque graphs are also shown with high accuracy and detail. You can compare engine performance to see the real difference in the tuning you are performing. In a matter of minutes you can test parts and setups without even taking the vehicle to the track.

Software is available in multiple languages including english, spanish, portuguese, french. We can customize more languages when requested.

Multiple Engine Parameters

Some parameters you can read are:

  • Rotation speed (engine and roller or flywheel)
  • Power (wheel power, engine power, net power, SAE corrected power)
  • Losses (measure how much power is loss in the transmission such as gearbox, chain, wheel deformation)
  • Weather correction factor, calculated under international standards (you can input temperature, humidity and barometric pressure manually or with our automated weather station)
  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Transmission Ratio. Reveals clutch problems and detect slip (requires an engine RPM sensor – not included)
  • Tune the right mix (using a lambda sensor). Shows air fuel ratio and power.
  • Average. Very useful to evaluate performance in RPM ranges.
  • Acceleration time.